COCOYAYA Alaska 1 Chiller Stainless (31 Inch) Tall Glass Handmade Sheesha Hookah Metal Plate Stem, Mitti Chillum/Bowl White Hookah (Pipe and Base Color May Vary)
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COCOYAYA Alaska Chiller Stainless Design (31 Inch) Tall Hookah

The “Alaska 1 Chiller Stainless” design single-hosed hookah pipe is another Egyptian import. This 31 inch tall Hookah features -1 shaft (with an ice chamber at the top for cooling the smoke!) and single, wide-bore hose adapter that allows for maximum airflow. You will experience nothing but satisfaction from this authentic Hookah. This White hookah have a special craftsmanship on the base with White color.The tray, Egyptian style bowl, and grommets are included plus all the extra fixins’ allowing you to start smoking as soon as the box arrives.

Included inside the package: Hose Clay Bowl Glass Vase Tongs Tray

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product. Flavour not included