COCOYAYA Golu 11 Inch Small led Glass Handmade Sheesha Hookah Metal Plate Stem and Mitti Chillum/Bowl colour May Vary
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COCOYAYA Golu 11 Inch Small led Glass Handmade Hookah

The base is made of acrylic, unlike traditional hookah glass bases, so you don’t have to worry as much about breaking this beauty. The base design collects more smoke in its clear rounded shape base, ensuring a superior smoke experience. Get creative with different fruits and ice to enhance the taste and the experience of your new favorite smart hookah.

Bowl: Ceramic (Comes With Grommet)
 Tray: Silver, Alloy
 Hose: Clear, Plastic
 Base: Clear, Acrylic
 Tongs: Silvery, Alloy
 LED Light Base
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