COCOYAYA Bamino D Gold 15 Inch Tall Glass Handmade Sheesha Hookah Metal Plate Stem and Mitti Chillum/Bowl colour May Vary
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COCOYAYA Bamino D Gold 15 Inch Tall Glass Handmade Hookah

Hookahs come in amazing designs and are made using materials of the finest quality to light up any atmosphere. It is a super-convenient product making you enjoy it from the moment you receive it. Our scientific designs enables it to retain and release a decent amount of smoke, allowing for a more enjoyable smoking experience. !!! Unlimited Fun with Minimal Fuss This hookah is easy to set up. It can also be disassembled for convenient storage, making it easy for you to take it along with you even when travelling. Appealing Colors Classy and stylish, this hookah is just perfect for enhancing the look of your glassware collection. With attractive colors, this Hookah can be a surprise gift for your friend. Durable Material pay special attention in using materials which make your hookahs last for a very long time. Safety First Most of the components used in hookahs are heat resistant. Our special smoking pipe allows you take in and blow out a decent amount of smoke so you have the perfect excuse to chill with your friends !!!

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