COCOYAYA Excellent Quality Washable Smooth Smoking Small Freezee Hose Pipe with 2 Ice Packs (65 Inches, For All Hookahs) Colour May Vary
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Experience chilled smoke with the new COCOYAYA“Freeze” Hookah Hose! Measuring 6 feet (65 inches) in length, the COCOYAYA Freeze hose features a handle that unscrews to fit a non-toxic water capsule that you freeze by simply leaving it in a standard freezer for several hours. The hookah smoke is cooled down as it passes around the frozen capsule!


The COCOYAYA Freeze Hookah Hose comes complete with 2 water capsules and is available in 5 different colors. The hose itself is wider than standard COCOYAYA hoses (it's the same width as the COCOYAYA Wide Wood Handle Hose) and will fit on pretty much any hookah out there!


Replacement COCOYAYA Freeze Hookah Hose Icicles and 2-packs are also available for purchase! See our other favorite hookah smoke cooling accessories if you're not sure about the COCOYAYA Freeze Hose. 

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product